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Chainalysis Kryptos

Vet new opportunities and navigate risks in cryptocurrency.

Chainalysis Kryptos provides complete profiles of cryptocurrency businesses based on KYC details and the industry's most trusted blockchain data.

Understand the biggest exchanges

Kryptos is the industry's reference data standard. Analyze the top cryptocurrency exchanges and learn which ones are leading the way in compliance.

Decide who to work with

Make informed decisions about the cryptocurrency companies you do business with based on blockchain transaction data and counterparty risk assessments.

Enhance your internal transaction monitoring

Quantify your risk exposure across wire transfers or credit card transactions with exportable data you can run through your existing models.

Onboard your next cryptocurrency customer

Use the same data trusted by top regulators and law enforcement agencies to inform your due diligence process for cryptocurrency businesses.

See how Kryptos demystifies cryptocurrency for institutional finance

Get up to speed on the key players in cryptocurrency with the industry's most trusted, widely-used dataset. Our simple interface offers cryptocurrency company profiles, transaction volumes, and counterparty assessments so you can develop effective compliance frameworks.

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