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Chainalysis Reactor

Chainalysis Reactor is the investigation software that helps law enforcement solve cases and prevent crime by linking real-world entities to cryptocurrency activity.

Follow funds to uncover suspects

Stay on top of the world's leading threats by following their trail in code rather than cash. Start with any cryptocurrency identifier and follow connected paths to pinpoint potential suspects.

Build a clear case

Connect the dots and document your investigation process. Intuitive graphs and custom annotations provide a clear record of your findings so you can see the full picture.

Move quickly in real-time

Move as quickly as your suspects. Each new transaction block gets processed within 5 seconds, and known services are automatically identified and updated with the latest data.

Chainalysis Reactor

Analysts around the world use Reactor to understand cryptocurrency activities related to sanctions, child exploitation, counterintelligence, and more.

Learn how we’re building trust in blockchains for government agencies, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency businesses by linking real-world entities to cryptocurrency activity

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